Here at Cleveland Botanical Destination we carry a wonderful selection of the highest quality CBD products from the best USA brands you can find. We offer everything you need to reduce stress, promote healthy sleep, and reduce inflammation all while minimizing the need for prescription medications. We are dedicated to helping people learn to use more natural plant-based phytonutrients to better their health while widely spreading our knowledge of CBD. We will help you learn how to use these amazing products while we teach you all about the benefits and effects of CBD for both you and your pets. We pride ourselves on our selection of products and we aim to properly explain the medical benefits CBD has to offer while helping you find the right dosage. Your safety is our priority, therefore all of our products are heavily researched and third-party tested up to regulation.

If you are still a bit unsure about what CBD is exactly, we are here to help! Cannabidiol, mostly commonly referred to as CBD, is a naturally occurring molecule found in cannabis. This molecule is the second most prevalent ingredient of the plant, next to THC. THC is the phytocannabinoid that causes the intoxication or high that people report they experience from using cannabis. CBD works to counter effect the psychoactive effects of the plant. This enables relief for many issues without the intoxication or “high” feeling. One of the most proven and well documented uses of CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. So many people suffer from diseases that are caused by inflammation; these can range from asthma to arthritis. A few other medical conditions also reported to find relief with CBD include fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic pain, nausea, depression, epilepsy, OCD and Alzheimer’s. Many people who suffer from anxiety and stress find that CBD helps them immensely. It’s also comforting to know there’s no risk of intoxication by the use of CBD since it’s been medically proven to be a non-addictive product. Side effects such as reduced appetite or dry mouth are typically light to moderate at the very most.

We offer CBD for anxiety recovery, skin & wellness, sleep issues, and your cats & dogs in many forms including tinctures, softgels, flowers, cartridges, edibles and beverages. Our edibles come in a tasty variety, ranging from sweets to chocolate. CBD is no longer a secret and we are excited for you to dive into our products to bring you peace for any issues you or your pet are suffering from.

We offer a tried-by-us guarantee since we test and try each and every product before we stock it, therefore if we don’t like it, we don’t sell it to you.We promise you that our products are safe, clean and effective. At Cleveland Botanicals, we have a variety of products for every dietary restriction, including vegan and vegetarian options. Our main goal is to create a space where everyone can safely partake and no one is left out. You can find us conveniently located in Cleveland, OH.


The primary goal of any for-profit business is to sell products or services. We firmly believe we will achieve our primary goal by educating people first and then make available to them the highest quality natural supplements to reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety. We don’t just sell products, we sell products that have positively affected our lives and the lives of close loved ones. We don't just sell CBD, but rather many plant-based nutrients that influence the body. We knew this would become mainstream, and have spent several months early on researching, getting certified as CBD consultants, and vetting several laboratories while working in the field for one of the industry leaders. Being a businessman, one of the founders knew the only way to know what was “really” in the bottle was to test it. The products we sell have undergone 3rd party tests to be sure the purity and potency are accurate. If it is not, we won’t sell it. “We must be sure that our product is superior to the rest. This along with an educational experience in the store as well as spending time with each client to “know” them and “understand their needs” makes us the leading choice”.

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